Eid Mubarak: 5 Delicious Recipes To Make Your Eid-al-Adha Special

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‘Eid Mubarak’! The streets would be bustling with people coming out of their homes to greet one another with warm wishes. Such is the charm of the festival.

Food items like Sewai, Mutton Rogan Gosht are cooked, but Maldives houses some of the best dishes that are cooked to celebrate the festival of fasting. As soon as the Ramadan approaches, they abandon their fishing practices. Hence, when Eid comes, Maldivians also celebrate Mahahifun Hafan Dhuvas, which is a festival of catching your treat and eating to your content. Since Maldives is surrounded with water bodies, their main catch is fish and that is widely cooked on the island to commemorate the Eid festivities.

Here are some of the dishes that are essential to the platter on the day of Eid in Maldives:

Kaliya Birinjee

sheer khurma

Kaliya Birinjee coupled with Miruhulee Kukulhu is the most expected dishes to be prepapred on a festival.  It’s made out of Maldives staple dietary products such as rice, coconut milk and Cinnamon.  The ingredients are rich in taste and add to the aroma of the food. In India, it’s widely known as Sheer Khurma



Mashuni is the famous dish of Maldives. It is a dish that is cooked at every occasion or festival. It’s a concoction of Fish and coconut milk, laced with onions and other ingredients to spice up the taste of the delicacy.

Maas Kavabu

Maas Kavabu

Maas Kavabu is a dish made of Tuna Fish. It’s a fine serving that houses the spices of the island in large quantity. Unlike other Muslim nation, Maldives cook more of sea food as it is their staple diet. Hence, Maas Kavabu is widely cooked in Maldives to mark a celebration.

Thelui Mai

Thelui Mai

Further stressing on the notion of Mahahifun Hafan Dhuvas, it is a dish that is grilled. The recipe is simple as it requires no hard work. One needs to grind spices together to form a paste. All one needs to do is dip the fish in the paste and grill it. The taste of this grilled fish is outstanding.

Banbukeylu Harisa

kaaliya birinji

Banbukeylu Harisa is the curry of steamed breadfruit, onion, chilli and coconut. It is a speciality of Maldives that must be cooked on proper occasions and festival to mark the festivity of the time.

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