Commonwealth’s Special Envoy Willy Mutunga Warns Maldives Of International Consequences

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The Commonwealth’s Special Convoy to the Maldives, Willy Mutunga warning government of international consequences said that the country is facing “severe democracy deficit”.

Photo Courtesy: President's Office
Photo Courtesy: President’s Office

  • Mutunga points out abysmal and alarming picture of the Maldives in a 14-point briefing note to CMAG
  • Warned government that continued crackdown on dissent could lead to international consequences
  • He said that high level of fear and political intimidation is prevailing
  • Also raised question marks over the credibility of the next presidential elections in 2018
  • Described judiciary as deeply politicised and compromised, and willing to disregard the principles of natural justice

Willy Mutunga’s 14-point briefing note to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, according to Asian News International, reads,

The curtailment of fundamental freedoms of expression and assembly has created an environment of fear and intimidation

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