400 Residents Of Mundoo Island In Jeopardy As President Declares It ‘Uninhabited’

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President Abdulla Yameen racked up another controversy after he announced two islands- Ghaadhoo and Mundoo in Haddhunmathi Atoll– as ‘uninhabited’ in a presidential decree putting the identity and existence of over 400 residents of the latter in jeopardy.


The government made the declaration saying that the inhabitants of Ghaadhoo had moved to Fonadhoo, and Mundoo had moved to Gan.


Mundoo Council President Ibrahim Naeem expressed anger as they alleged that the government did not hold any discussions on declaring the island as uninhabited, and added that the island residents are shocked by the news.

He, further, emphasised that even though inhabitants moved to other island, how can an island be declared uninhabited when people are still living there, VNews reported.

The shock on the decision also floated on social networking sites and top influencers on Twitter questioned President Yameen for the decision.

President made the declarations on September 22 in a presidential decree in accordance with the Decentralisation Act. Meanwhile, he also declared declared Fuvahmulah- one of the most beautiful islands in the – as a city.

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