All Is Not Well Between Gayoom Brothers: Everything You Need To Know

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Gayoom, probably the most power name. One is the longest running dictator and former President, another is the current President. Both are also half-brothers.

When senior “Gayoom” Maumoon Abdul Gayoom decided retire from active politics, he endorsed Abdulla Yameen Gayoom in the 2013 Presidential elections against first democratically elected President Mohamed Nasheed, but now everything does not seem right between them. Here’s how:

Uncontested Presidential Candidate, Well No!


  • Gayoom, who is the leader of Progressive Party of Maldives, has refused to endorse President Yameen as the “uncontested” Presidential candidate despite a few leaders of the party coming out in his support

  • According to the rules, President Yameen, if completes five years of his tenure, would be eligible to contest the election without the primaries. But, a big “NO” has come from the Godfather of the party

Say No To Tourism Bill

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  • Gayoom has now urged ruling party lawmakers to vote against the President Yameen sponsored amendments to the tourism law

  • Gayoom asked the leaders in the Viber Group Chat to vote against the bill saying that it was against the party’s stand which is to ensure public prosperity through equitable distribution of natural resources

  • The amendment, if passed, would allow government to lease islands, lagoon and plots of tourism without any bidding

Disappointed With Yameen

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  • Gayoom is disappointed over the letter written to President Yameen on Foreign Landownership Bill and the appointment of Ahmed Adheeb as Vice President that went unreplied

  • Earlier, he had taken Facebook to criticise President Yameen for his economic model calling for making Maldives, the new Singapore

Dunya- The Saving Grace

dunya 1

  • Dunya Maumoon, Maumoon Gayoom’s daughter is being the saving grace in the rift as she continues to serve Yameen’s government as Foreign Minister. She has, time and again supported, President Yameen’s decision, the most recent being the Cabinet reshuffle in the government

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