In Pictures: This Is How MDP 11th Anniversary Rally Painted Maldives In Yellow

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Maldives got painted in yellow on Monday when the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) decided to proceed with the 11th anniversary rally despite warning from police.

Hundreds of supporters gathered at MDP’s office and took the march forward to the artificial beach in Male waving the bright yellow flags of MDP, with some even dressed in yellow as a sign of solidarity with the party–which formed the first democratically elected government in the country in 2008.

Even as the leader and ex-President Mohamed Nasheed, who is currently in UK as a political refugee, was not present at the rally, even virtually via video conferencing, zeal of the supporters, prominent MDP MPs and members didn’t get affected.

Despite many obstructions, which MDP condemned later in a statement- from police taking away MDP’s Vice President Mohamed Shifaz, to putting barricades to block the rally to alleged “physical assault” to MP Rozaina Adam- the rally ended with a sense of victory over the “dictatorial” regime of President Yameen.

Police made an estimate of 170 people for the rally but the number seemed much more bigger than that. Here are some of the pictures from the rally.

This Is How MDP Celebrated Their 11th Anniversary Rally

Maldives Painted In Yellow

mdp 12

mdp 11

mdp 8

mdp 4

 Obstruction By Police

mdp 10

mdp 9

mdp 7

mdp 5


Moment Of Selfie & Pictures

mdp selfie

mdp selfie 2

mdp pic 1

mdp pic

mdp selfie 1

Queens Leaders’ Winner Safaath Ahmed


MP Rozaina Adam Being Pulled By Female Officer


Drums & The Dance

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