Afrasheem Murder Case: SC Rejects Parliamentarian’s Family Plea, Continues With Death Sentence Verdict On Murderer

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The supreme court upheld  the death sentence of Humam who is convicted of killing a member of Parliament, even as it rejected a plea from the family members of the parliamentarian.
Hussain Humam is accused of murdering MP – Dr. Afrasheem and the hearing is still going on in the case.
The verdict was issued at 2am on Friday, and may be the first hanging after the change in the capital  punishment law.
Interestingly, in an unexpected twist, Afrasheem’s family members appealed to the court to spare Humam from death penalty through a letter.
Officials, however, rejected the letter, claiming they only accept submissions made during official hours.
According to Afrasheem’s father & brother, Humam is the only eye witness who can lead them to those who financed and planned the murder.
Here is all you need to know about Afrasheem’s murder case :
1. Dr. Afrasheem was a MP of the ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives  and was moderate religious scholar.
2. He was known for taking  liberal positions on  religious issues which had prompted criticism from various political and religious critics.
3. He  was stabbed to death outside his home on the night of October 1, 2012.
4. Police said the killing was politically motivated.
5. Humam was arrested few hours after Afrasheem was found dead. He was charged with murder charges on January 2013.
6. He even confessed his crime but one month later he changed his confession saying that he confession was made under coercion and threat to his family members.

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