The Clash Of Gayooms; Two & A Half Years Later, Who Is The Boss In PPM?

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Swept by a major grass root democracy movement, the longest running dictator of the Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom had to give in to the then 41-year-old “prisoner of conscience” Mohamed Nasheed. It was the end of Gayoom’s 30-year-long dictatorial rule.

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But, it could not last longer. Nasheed was allegedly “forced to resign on gun point” in 2012 and Gayoom had a chance to get back into politics in 2013 Presidential election, but cautioned by his defeat, he played safe and endorsed his half-brother Abdulla Yameen as the Presidential candidate.

Two and a half years in the rule under President Abdulla Yameen, Gayoom is certainly not happy with him and wants to bring “major reforms” in the Progressive Party of Maldives while Yameen supporters see him as someone who is trying to “hijack” the party.

Here’s All You Need To Know

Tourism Bill: PPM Leaders’ ‘Aye’ (Gayoom: 0; Yameen: 1)

tourism vote

  • Gayoom had now urged ruling party lawmakers to vote against the Yameen sponsored amendments to the tourism bill in the Viber Group chat saying that it was against the party’s stand- which is to ensure public prosperity through equitable distribution of natural resources.

  • But only Maumoon’s son, MP Ahmed Faris, and MP Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim voted against the bill.

  • The amendment allowed government to lease islands, lagoon and plots of tourism without any bidding.

The Power Play Via Sacking (Gayoom: 1; Yameen: 1)


  • Gayoom stripped PPM’s deputy leader Abdul Raheem of his powers after he reportedly voted in favour of the government sponsored Tourism Bill defying his orders to turn down the bill.

  • But, then Yameen sacked Gender Ministry’s Executive Coordinator and PPM council member Aminath Nadira for tweeting in favour of Gayoom.

  • Later, Gayoon took Twitter to thank Nadira and other PPM members for support.

Presidential Primary: A Big Setback For Yameen (Gayoom: 1; Yameen: 0)

gayoom yameen

  • Some of the leaders expressed the will that Yameen should be given 2018 Presidential election ticket “uncontested” without primaries but Gayoom refused to buy the argument.

  • As part of his reform agenda, Gayoom announced PPM’s presidential primary date which will be held in five phases starting July 3.

  • According to the rules, President Yameen, if manages to complete five years of his tenure, would be eligible to contest the election without the primaries. But, a big “NO” has come from the Godfather of the party

Gayoom Thrown Out Of Official Viber Group (Gayoom: 0; Yameen: 1)

Gayoom 1100

  • After day Gayoom called Yameen’s government “corrupt”, cautioned against the misuse of Judiciary and called for the reforms, he was thrown out of the official Viber group of the party for meddling with the administration and trying to “hijack” the party.

  • It was done days after Abdul Raheem Gayoom could not “hijack” the entire party and that he would not be allowed to put its activities on hold.

To Hang Or Not To Hang: Gayoom Hits The Right Chord (Gayoom: 1; Yameen: 0)


  • Yameen is currently facing criticism from Maldivians and international bodies for bringing back capital punishment especially at a time when Judiciary is not “trust-worthy”. Scoring on the popular sentiments, Gayoom condemned the decision for capital punishment.

  • He said, “No Muslim state has the right to implement Qisās or death sentence outside the Islamic Law.”

  • Gayoom ensured moratorium on capital punishment during his 30-year rule

What do you think? Who is winning?

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