Weapon Found In Nazim’s Apartment Planted By Cop: Lawyer

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Former Defense Minister Colonel (Retired) ’s lawyer said in the Supreme Court on Wednesday that a police officer called ‘Asif’ had planted the pistol found in the former’s apartment and that they had evidence to prove the claim.

Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim

  • Nazim has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for possession of weapons and it is currently in the last stage of appeal.

Defense attorney Husnu Suood said Asif brought the pistol to the apartment, put it on the bed and then asked whom it belonged to.

  • Suood sought the court’s permission to summon the witnesses to corroborate the claim, adding that the defense had enough evidence to prove that the pistol and three bullets were planted in the apartment to frame Nazim.
  • Referring to Captain Ali Ihusaan’s statement, Suood said that the pistol was one of the weapons missing from National Defense Force armory.
  • He said that Ihusaan testified anonymously in the court that the recovered items were part of the stock of weapons stolen from the armory and found in Hibalhidhoo.
  • The attorney added that ex-Vice President Abdul Gafoor and some other individuals were now being probed in the missing weapons case and Nazim had nothing to do with that.
  • He further claimed that Adeeb was sitting in a car parked nearby Nazeem’s residence along with former Commissioner of Police Hussein Waheed, and former Prosecutor General Muhuthaz Muhsin when the police raid took place.
  • He asked the court to summon the three individuals to testify what they were doing there that night and if they had no connection to the case.
  • Previous two requests to summon the trio at the Criminal Court and the High Court had been rejected.
  • The attorney claimed that the former VP had made a conference call to Nazim threatening him of dire consequences.
  • At the end of the hearing, the court assured the prosecution to give them a chance to respond to the points made by the defense.

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