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Election Commission Scraps Plan To Introduce E-Voting In Local Council Elections

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Local council elections scheduled in January next year will have traditional voting as the Election Commission has decided to scrap the plans to introduce e-voting following criticism from opposition parties.


The Election Commission on Tuesday announced that the decision was taken after appeals from political parties who had threatened to boycott the elections if e-voting took place.

Both Maldivian Democratic Party and Jumhooree Party had expressed concern over implementation of e-voting and alleged rigging.

MDP had said that it would not contest the elections alleging that e-voting will allow government and ruling parties to rig the elections.  MDP maintained that e-voting was unnecessary “in a country with a small voting population where results are announced within a few hours.”

Earlier in May, European Union ambassador to Maldives and Sri Lanka, David Daley had put question mark over the preparedness to implement the electronic system following which the then Home Minister Umar Naseer assured that the decision won’t be implemented until and unless people agreed.

The opposition to implement e-voting gained momentum when the former President of the Elections Commission, Fuad Thaufeeq, voiced his concern saying that the people of the Maldives have lost confidence in the institution and that there was no need of introducing electronic voting in the island nation.

The local council elections are scheduled to take place from January 14 next year.

The elections headquarters are most likely to be set up at Jamalludeen school building in Malé.

The commission also notified that the process of filing nomination will be online and the candidates can file their application before November 15.

According to the electoral body, 563 councillors will be elected to 179 island councils, 67 councillors to 18 atoll councils, and 23 councillors to three city councils, Maldives Independent reported.

In last election in 2014, MDP won 41.5 per cent votes with 457 seats while ruling PPM won 25.5 per cent with 281 seats.

Other parties Jumhooree Party and Maldives Democratic Alliance who were PPM’s coalition partner won 11.4 per cent and 5.4 per cent votes respectively. The Adhaalath Party won 45 seats making it to 4.1 per cent.

Maldives United Opposition To Miss Local Council Elections Over E-Voting

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Maldives United Opposition (MUO) will not contest upcoming local councils scheduled next year due to lack of confidence in the Election Commission which is alleged to be controlled by the government and ruling parties.

shadow cabinet

The opposition coalition said that the decision was taken in meeting of its shadow cabinet which is “against” the idea of participating in the elections. It also questioned the independence and integrity of EC and said that they need to be established before elections.

The united opposition is also worried about EC  “rushing” to introduce E-voting- which is a matter of concern for the opposition as there are higher chances of rigging and manipulation.

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According to reports, coalition’s spokesperson MP Ahmed Mahloof confirmed the news but also said that the final decision to take part in local council elections will be taken only after extensive discussions and debates among the member parties.

The EC had said that it might introduce e-voting for the local council election- which led European Union to intervene in the matter. The apex election body had also tried to introduce e-voting in 2013 and 2008 presidential elections.

On the issue, Home Minister Umar Naseer had assured European Union that E-voting will not be introduced until and unless people have faith in the system.


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