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Timeline: From PPM’s Formation To Fall Out

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On Thursday, sibling rivalry led to fall out of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) as Maumoon Abdul Gayoom withdrew his support from half-brother Abdulla Yameen-led government.

The rift between the brothers led to split of party into two factions- Maumoon’s loyalists and Yameen’s loyalists.

Ironically, the ultimate fall out took place on the fifth anniversary of PPM. Here’s a timeline of how the power-play between the Gayoom brothers escalated in these five years.


PPM Falls Apart On Its 5th Anniversary But Twitter Is Excited About The Cake

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PPM’s fifth anniversary cake took center stage on Thursday even as ex-President Maummon Abdul Gayoom withdrew support from President Abdulla Yameen-led government.

The cake, which was earlier reported to have spoiled by police forces, was later cut by Maumoon with his wife Nasreena.

As the PPM Crisis took unprecedented turn on Thursday, Twitter could not stop obsessing about the cake to take dig at the Gayoom brothers.

Gayoom Brothers’ Rivalry Rips PPM Apart; Yameen Govt Set To Fall As Maumoon Withdraws Support?

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After over a six-month family feud, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom withdrew his support from his half-brother Abdulla Yameen-led government with immediate effect followed by Supreme Court verdict that upheld the High Court’s decision to make later the head of the party.

gayoom brothers powerplay (5)

The rift between the brothers that led to division of party into two factions escalated on Thursday during the fifth anniversary celebration of PPM when Maumoon was stopped by security forces from attending the event at the party’s office.

Three tweets followed by the incident within three hours apparently opened Pandora’s box of Maumoon’s resentment wherein he finally announced withdrawing his support from the ruling government.

The announcement was made following this tweet:

Later Thursday night, Head office of PPM under Maumoon’s faction was found chained allegedly by supporters of Yameen, however, police did not confirm who the culprit was, Sun Online reported.

Maumoon, meanwhile alleged that some of the properties of PPM was also stolen.

Earlier on Thursday, eight MPs from ruling party had joined Maumoon’s faction and said that they will work independently defying Yameen’s diktat in national interest.

It is yet to be ascertained if Yameen would be able to prove majority on the floor of People’s Majlis.

Gayoom Vs Yameen: 8 PPM MPs Revolt Against President

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The rift in ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives is now translating into act of rebellion as the MPs apparently belonging to the faction led by former President Maumoon Gayoom said they will put national interest before President Abdulla Yameen’s diktat.


The development came after court stripped PPM’s President Maumoon Gayoom of all his powers and handed the full control to President Yameen.

In a press conference on Thursday, eight MPs announced that the decision of President Yameen has done irreparable damage and they will bring a number of changes in the Parliamentary work adding that they will no longer abide by the whip line set by Yameen.

The faction criticised lack of transparency, increasing authoritarianism and allegations of corruption by the government and vowed to work with the opposition to restore democracy in the country.

Meanwhile, MDP welcomed the decision of the MPs and said that the party looks forward to working with the MPs to bring about any necessary legislative changes to uphold the Constitution, protect fundamental freedoms, and to restore democracy in the country.

“In light of the immense difficulties that the people of the Maldives are to face, it is encouraging that 8 Government party MPs have pledged their intention to work with the opposition. We ask other Government MPs to do same, to work towards reform. This is now leading to President Yameen losing his majority in the Parliament. With this, President Yameen has lost any remaining legitimacy he may have had,” said former President Mohamed Nasheed.

On Sunday, Chief Judge Abdulla Didi ruled in favour of President Yameen citing extrordinary circumstances due to Maummon’s refusal to convene the party’s governing council and sacking of his deputy, Maldives Independent reported.

The court made President Yameen, who was the advisor of the party, as the head of PPM.

Maumoon’s Gayoom, meanwhile said that he will take the case to Supreme Court.

The rift between Gayoom brothers goes back to June when President Yameen led government introduced the Tourism Bill to which Maumoon strongly opposed. The rift got wider when Maumoon refused to endorse Yameen as the party’s
Presidential candidate for the next election followed by sacking of Faris Gayoom in reaction.

Maumoon who is in loggerheads with his half-brother Yameen has time and again criticised him for his decisions to implement death penalty and leave the commonwealth.

Maumoon daughter and former Foreign Affairs Minister Dunya Maumoon and his loyal and former Home Minsiter Umar Naseer had quit Yameen-led government citing differences.

Maumoon Gayoom Fears Eviction From Party Leadership, Cancels Visit To Egypt

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The growing conflict between Gayoom brothers in PPM and widening rift between their supporters have forced party’s President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to cancel his trip to Egypt amid plans to unseat him from his post.


  • Deputy Secretary-General of PPM, Abdul Aleem said that Maumoon had decided to cancel his trip to Egypt
  • The trip’s been cancelled due to an internal movement in violation of PPM’s Constitution and democratic values to unseat the leader
  • Maumoon has taken PPM’s office under his direct control
  • He has also appointed loyalist Umar Naseer to PPM’s council
  • Meanwhile, there were some efforts were put to reconcile the differences last week
  • Two rebellion party members who walked out of Gayoom’s meeting apologised to him
  • Though, Yameen loyalists have asked PPM members not to follow the PPM office’s directive on the upcoming Local Elections
  • They were asked to follow the directives of Chairman of PPM Elections Committee, Deputy Leader of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla

Read full story on Sun Online

Efforts In PPM On To Bridge The Gap Between Gayoom Brothers

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Efforts with the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) is on to bridge the gap between Gayoom brothers- President Abdulla Yameen and former President and PPM President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom- amid the escalating political situation in the country.

gayoom yameen

  • PPM has decided to meet brothers to sort out the differences between them
  • Meanwhile, on Maumoon Gayoom’s demand two MPs communicated their official apology
  • MP Asma Rasheed and Baarah MP Ibrahim Sujau apologised for walking out of party’s council meeting in July
  • Asma and Sujau apologised to Maumoon via PPM’s official Viber group
  • Gayoom had threatened to hold council meeting only after the “rebels” apologised

The message sent by by both Asma and Sujau read:

I apologise to President Maumoon for any violation of PPM Constitution we may have partaken in

Read full story on Sun Online

Minutes After FM Dunya’s Resignation, MP Faris Maumoon Expelled From PPM

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Ex-President Mumoon Gayoom’s son MP Faris Maumoon was expelled from the Progressive Party of the Maldives amid the family feud between Gayoom brothers that erupted into political warfare.

fasris 3

According to reports, Faris was expelled from the party’s disciplinary committee for voting against Tourism bill- a policy endorsed by uncle and President Abdulla Yameen.

His expulsion came minutes after the news of his sister and Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon resigning from the government.

Earlier, Gayoom was summed by the anti-graft watchdog Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for an inquiry.

Here’s How The Big Fight Between The Gayoom Brothers Started!

Tourism Bill: PPM Leaders’ ‘Aye’

tourism vote

  • Gayoom had now urged ruling party lawmakers to vote against the Yameen sponsored amendments to the tourism bill in the Viber Group chat saying that it was against the party’s stand- which is to ensure public prosperity through equitable distribution of natural resources.

  • But only Maumoon’s son, MP Ahmed Faris, and MP Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim voted against the bill.

  • The amendment allowed government to lease islands, lagoon and plots of tourism without any bidding.

The Power Play Via Sacking


  • Gayoom stripped PPM’s deputy leader Abdul Raheem of his powers after he reportedly voted in favour of the government sponsored Tourism Bill defying his orders to turn down the bill.

  • But, then Yameen sacked Gender Ministry’s Executive Coordinator and PPM council member Aminath Nadira for tweeting in favour of Gayoom.

  • Later, Gayoon took Twitter to thank Nadira and other PPM members for support.

Presidential Primary: A Big Setback For Yameen

gayoom yameen

  • Some of the leaders expressed the will that Yameen should be given 2018 Presidential election ticket “uncontested” without primaries but Gayoom refused to buy the argument.

  • As part of his reform agenda, Gayoom announced PPM’s presidential primary date which will be held in five phases starting July 3.

  • According to the rules, President Yameen, if manages to complete five years of his tenure, would be eligible to contest the election without the primaries. But, a big “NO” has come from the Godfather of the party

Gayoom Thrown Out Of Official Viber Group

Gayoom 1100

  • After day Gayoom called Yameen’s government “corrupt”, cautioned against the misuse of Judiciary and called for the reforms, he was thrown out of the official Viber group of the party for meddling with the administration and trying to “hijack” the party.

  • It was done days after Abdul Raheem Gayoom could not “hijack” the entire party and that he would not be allowed to put its activities on hold.

To Hang Or Not To Hang: Gayoom Hits The Right Chord


  • Yameen is currently facing criticism from Maldivians and international bodies for bringing back capital punishment especially at a time when Judiciary is not “trust-worthy”. Scoring on the popular sentiments, Gayoom condemned the decision for capital punishment.

  • He said, “No Muslim state has the right to implement Qisās or death sentence outside the Islamic Law.”

  • Gayoom ensured moratorium on capital punishment during his 30-year rule

All Is Not Well Between Gayoom Brothers: Everything You Need To Know

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Gayoom, probably the most power name. One is the longest running dictator and former President, another is the current President. Both are also half-brothers.

When senior “Gayoom” Maumoon Abdul Gayoom decided retire from active politics, he endorsed Abdulla Yameen Gayoom in the 2013 Presidential elections against first democratically elected President Mohamed Nasheed, but now everything does not seem right between them. Here’s how:

Uncontested Presidential Candidate, Well No!


  • Gayoom, who is the leader of Progressive Party of Maldives, has refused to endorse President Yameen as the “uncontested” Presidential candidate despite a few leaders of the party coming out in his support

  • According to the rules, President Yameen, if completes five years of his tenure, would be eligible to contest the election without the primaries. But, a big “NO” has come from the Godfather of the party

Say No To Tourism Bill

majlis 1

  • Gayoom has now urged ruling party lawmakers to vote against the President Yameen sponsored amendments to the tourism law

  • Gayoom asked the leaders in the Viber Group Chat to vote against the bill saying that it was against the party’s stand which is to ensure public prosperity through equitable distribution of natural resources

  • The amendment, if passed, would allow government to lease islands, lagoon and plots of tourism without any bidding

Disappointed With Yameen

yameen with gayoom 1

  • Gayoom is disappointed over the letter written to President Yameen on Foreign Landownership Bill and the appointment of Ahmed Adheeb as Vice President that went unreplied

  • Earlier, he had taken Facebook to criticise President Yameen for his economic model calling for making Maldives, the new Singapore

Dunya- The Saving Grace

dunya 1

  • Dunya Maumoon, Maumoon Gayoom’s daughter is being the saving grace in the rift as she continues to serve Yameen’s government as Foreign Minister. She has, time and again supported, President Yameen’s decision, the most recent being the Cabinet reshuffle in the government

From United Opposition To Rift Between Gayoom Brothers: All You Need To Know

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jameel 1
Mohamed Jameel Ahmed to lead the new opposition coalition (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@MJameelAhmed

Former Vice President Mohamed Jameel Ahmed- impeached by President Addulla Yameen last year- might be heading the new coalition opposition formed to oust the current government.

The new coalition will be announced after a meeting between representatives of different opposition parties and prominent politicians in London on June 1

The New Political Development: All You Need To Know

The United Opposition:

UnitedOpposition-Maldives 1

  • Former Vice President Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, former President Mohamed Nasheed, representatives of jailed former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb, jailed former Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim and the Adhaalath Party will participate in the meeting to form a coalition opposition to oust the current government

  • Former Vice President Jameel Ahmed- who was impeached last year by the Yameen government- is said to be heading the new rainbow coalition

  • The meeting will be held in Royal Overseas League in Green Park on June 1

The Motive:

yameen 2

  • The joint statement by all the representative called to “explore ways of legally prevent the Maldives’ continued slide into dictatorship and authoritarianism” under Yameen

  • Yameen is being accused of corruption, terrorism financing and money laundering

  • No clarity whether the coalition is heading to remove the President from office

Unaware Jumhooree Party?

Jumhooree Party 1

  • MDP- allied Jumhooree Party – which had split with Yameen’s Progressive Party of Maldives – said that it is “unaware” of any such development

  • Jumhooree Party’s deputy leader Ahmed Ameen is said to be attending the meeting in his personal capacity

Absconding Leaders:

  • To be head of the new coalition- Jameel- had fled to the UK days before he was impeached by the PPM-dominated parliament

  • Ameen had fled to London with MDP Chairperson Ali Waheed in June last year days before they were to be charged with terrorism. Charges against Ameen was later lifted but he fears returning home due to pending charges against him

Distance Between Gayoom Brothers!

yameen with gayoom 1

  • It is talk of the town that Former President and half-brother of Yameen, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is not happy with him and is mulling to stop defending him

  • According to reports, he is disappointed over letter written to President Yameen on Foreign Landownership Bill and the appointment of Ahmed Adheeb as Vice President that went unreplied

  • Earlier, he had taken Facebook to criticise President Yameen for his economic model calling for making Maldives, the new Singapore

  • Gayoom’s daughter, however, continues to serve Yameen government as Foreign Minister

  • The President’s office, though, has turned down the rift between the brother calling it mere “rumours”
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