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Paradise For Honeymooners, Island Of Broken Marriages; Why Everyone In Maldives Is Getting Divorced?

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The Maldives- almost invisible on the world map, often ignored in world statistics for its tiny size in the vast Indian Ocean- has made it to the map, unfortunately for highest divorce rate!

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The Sunni Muslim island with just 3,45,023 population has the divorce rate of 10.97 per year per 1,000 inhabitants followed by Russia at the second spot with less than half the number of divorces as Maldives, according to a report by The Telegraph.

The number makes the Maldives enter the Guinness World Records, and according to United Nations, an average Maldivian woman has been divorced three times by the age of 30.

“The island of a thousand honeymoons. And … a thousand divorces,” writes journalist Shannon Sims calling it ‘the paradise where everyone is divorced’.

The reason, most arguably, points out to Islam, Sharia laws, stigma around sex, and sexuality of a woman.

Divorce- No Taboo!

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J J Robbinson, the former editor of the Maldives Independent, in his first investigative account of the everyday lives of Maldivians, writes that the country has exploited Islamic sentiments for subordinating women in the country by criminalising pre-marital sex or extramarital sex leading to higher divorce rate. “Tourists on romantic resort getaways blissfully sun themselves on beaches a few hundred feet from ‘local’ islands where Maldivian women are routinely sentenced to 100 lashes for the crime of extramarital sex,” he writes.

He cites observations made by famous Islamic explorer Ibn Battuta where he argues that in the Maldivian culture where people do not fix dowry makes it easier for them to married.

“It is easy to marry in these islands because of the smallness of the dowries and the pleasures of society which the women offer,” Battuta wrote in the 14th century. “Most people do not even fix any dowry. When the ships put in, the crew marry; when they intend to leave, they divorce their wives. This is a kind of temporary marriage (muta). I have seen nowhere in the world women whose society was more pleasant.”

And for getting divorced, a man has to say ‘I divorce you’ three times under the triple talaq Islamic law. Women, though, has to go through a legal process but interestingly there is no stigma around getting divorced, unlike pre-marital sex. “I recall one recently married fisherman boasting that his new wife had been married six times; this, he explained with a sly wink, meant she was experienced. The figure was about average for a woman in her forties,” Robbinson writes.

Patriarchy, Like Everywhere, Rules The Marriage

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Besides, the religious-cultural nexus to higher divorce rate, the much universal patriarchal mindset and the resulting sexual and domestic violence are also the reasons for the overwhelming trend.

Nearly 33 per cent women in the country are reportedly victims of sexual of physical violence and of them, nearly 20 per cent are perpetrated by their partners, and to most Maldivians it is quite acceptable or even desirable for a husband to beat his wife, or have physical or sexual supremacy.

A 29-year-old, who felt obliged to marry her boyfriend after having sex with him at the age of 15; who later became a victim of his violent nature, says as quoted by Maldives Independent,

Maldives may rank highest in the world for divorces, but at least the ease in getting a divorce ensures women or men do not stay in abusive or unhappy relationships

In December last year, the Maldives had a meltdown when a 35-year-old woman from Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo died after fighting a long battle in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Male. She was brutally raped by her husband.

Her death was followed by marches, social media activism but proved that a little has been changed since the government passed Domestic Violence Prevention Act in 2012.

Polygamy- Men’s Duty To Keep Women On Right Path

divorceIn March this year, during gender equality debate in the People’s Majlis, MP Ahmed Saleem held women responsible for infidelity and suggested that it was a man’s duty to keep them on right path.

Saleem said, ” Women drive men to mental illnesses and crime because of their infidelity. Women are fragile like glass. They can become anything if we do not know how to look after them. The prophet said if a women turns evil, she is worse than a lion… We try to guard them to reform our societies,” he continued giving example of a fellow MP who has three wives, “There is none better than Riyaz Rasheed. Look, he looks after three women to ensure that they do not stray from the right path. This is our duty.”

The PPM dominated 85-member Majlis, where there are just 5 women MPs, threw out the proposal for reserving quotas for women 36 votes that day.

Equal Pay For Equal Work, But Is It Enough?

Later in August, Social Committee of the Parliament passed the gender equality bill prohibiting gender discrimination in employment fields assuring equal pay for equal work but no effort was put in reforming social fabric of the fundamentals of Islamic ruling where death for infidelity, covert abortions to hide the “illegal” out-of-wedlock child & polygamy are rampant.

Former State Minister for Gender and Family, Haala Hameed speculates that more women entering workforce is also one of the reasons for higher divorce- as there is no basic childcare facility and working women are often seen negatively causing tension withing families leading to higher divorce rate.

Which Maldives Atoll Is For You?

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The paradisiacal land of Maldives comprises 26 atolls that together constitute the small Island Nation. Each atoll has an average of 40 islands, making it difficult for the visitor to decide on, one atoll that they may wish to visit.

Every atoll is significant in its own manner. Some are famous for their extravagant hospitality services, while the others boast of the rich marine life and activities. To make the life of a traveler easier, here is a description of some of the Atolls that best befit you as an individual and family:

Diver’s Atoll


The most famous atoll for divers in Maldives is the Ari atoll. It houses some of the best spots for scuba diving, snorkeling and shark spotting in the small Island nation.

Ari atoll is rich in marine life. Hence the divers at the Ari atoll can enjoy delving in the beauty of the beautiful reefs, the lagoons and the vast area of the ocean, exploring some of the most beautiful marine life.

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Atoll for Food Lovers

mas huni

For all those who have a taste for Maldivian delicacies, Southern Ari Atoll is the place to be in Maldives. Rich in cuisines like Mashun Huni, Kulhi Mas, and Fish Cakes, the Southern Ari Atoll will allow one to dig into the authentic flavours of the atoll and savour the taste of the marine cuisine.

It is a place where one can find food of all cuisines. If you are a foodie, this is the island that best compliments you!



For all those who are dipped in the spirit of love, Baa atoll is one of the most romantic atolls of the small island nation. The couple can engage in romantic dinners, beautiful sightseeing spots and enjoy some wonderful in-house activities to enhance their stay at the atoll.

If you want to honeymoon like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, David and Victoria Beckham or Fergie, nothing is better than this. Enjoy your luxurious stay and honeymoon the way your favorite celebrities did.

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Shoppers Paradise


Well, every trip is incomplete without shopping. It is the most essential aspect of traveling. If one wants to engage in some shopping, Male Atoll is the best atoll for them. It houses 4 markets for shopping. These markets display the best trade products, artifacts and souvenirs to make the trip memorable.

If you want to shop, visit the Male atoll.

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