3 Handicrafts One Must Purchase When In Maldives

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The pristine island of Maldives is famous for its rich craftsmanship. It houses some of the most beautiful sculptures and artistic endeavors. The talented craftsmen showcase their exemplary skills at producing some mind numbing art pieces. The fine carvings of the walls and the light stroke of brush against the wood highlight the skillfulness and creativity of the people at the archipelago island.

Maldives houses some of the best craftsmen in the World. They practice their form of art in producing some of the world’s most magnificent art pieces. The beauty of those pieces lies in the fact that they are developed by the local fauna of the area.

Here are some of the products made by the Maldivians that will inspire you for its exemplary artwork:

Wooden Lacquer Ware

Wooden Lacquer Ware

The Wooden Lacquer Ware is exclusively produced in Thulhaadhoo in Baa Atoll, Maldives. In Dwivehi, it is called ‘Liye Laajehun’, which means hollowing out wooden pieces to make beautiful boxes for jewels. It is developed from local fauna, Alexandrian Laurel, which grows abundantly in the small island nation. The craftsmen practice their artistic skills to create boxes of different styles and sizes.



Maldives weaves some of the best mats in the world. The women of Gadhdhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll weave the ‘Thundu Kunaa’, as it is commonly known as in Dwivehi language. It is made from the seeds of Reed which is dried off in the sun, before being used for making mats. The craftsmen dye the seeds according to the design and the pattern that they want to incorporate on the mat.

The design on the mats is a true reflection of the creativity of the craftsmen.

Boat Building


The basic products used to build a boat or ‘Dhoni’ are coconut wood, coir and rivets. All of these are grown abundantly on the Maldivian land. The people of Maldives still practice the art of building boats by binding the planks to one another with the help of coir. Boats of all sizes and design are build are the Maldivian land.

Although, foreign goods are slowly replacing the authentic local material, yet the practice of boat building is still existent in the island of coral reefs.

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