5 Kickass Water Activities For Non-Swimmers In Maldives

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With lengthy coastlines, breezy beaches and bright skies, Maldives offers a lot of adventurous kicks for tourists. Most interesting of them being water activities as it attracts adventure-lovers in big numbers. Even if you’re not a swimmer or an adventure-enthusiast, there is nothing like trying out the exhilarating these activities.

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Here’s a quick guide of the best water activities in Maldives to make your trip memorable:

Under-Water Walking

So what if you are a non-swimmer, you can still enjoy under-water sports in Maldives. Though not exactly like walking on the floor, it’s not at all difficult. And the bonus point is you can see amazing aquatic creatures very closely. All you have to do is to wear a see-through oxygen mask and follow the instructor. Swimming is not at all required.

Best Time: January to April
Approximate Cost: USD 150 per person

Banana Boat Rides

This one will definitely ask you Go Bananas! Banana Boat Ride is way too simple, you simply need to get on the boat and ride. And don’t worry you will be properly harnessed. Just go on a joyous ride on the frothing waves of the ocean. Of course follow your guide’s advice.

Best Time: April to October
Approximate Cost: 60-80 USD per person

Jet Skiing

One of the most favoured water sports for non-swimmers, Jet Skiing is a heady cocktail of thrill and speed. While you are swaying over water, don’t forget to wear your life jacket. Along with your wife or friends, do take your instructor for safe and sound trip.

Best Time: April to October
Approximate Cost: 70 USD to 185 USD for 20 minutes ride

Glass-Bottom Boats

Ahh! this one is going to be your lifetime experience. Swimmer or no swimmer, this water activity allows you to view the fine corals from the bottom of the boat which is made of transparent glass. And once you reach far into the ocean, you can view some of the most colourful creatures and marine plants.

Best Time: April to October
Approximate Cost: 30 USD

Big Game Fishing

It’s no hidden fact that Maldives is a haven for people who love fishing. Though a lesser known, it is a best way to relax. The fishing game includes some of the rarest species such as Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, and Wahoo. Sports staff provides fish food, you don’t need to take anything along.

Best Time: November to March
Approximate Cost: 85 USD per person

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