5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Maldives

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With several attractive and pleasant tropical destinations all over the world, oblivious travellers often overlook the Maldives. It’s not only about the staggering beauty of the place, it has much more to offer.

And just so that you know the importance of the place, here are 5 reasons why you should visit the Maldives and experience the exquisiteness of this amazing island. Get out of the vicious circle of Sitting.Wishing.Waiting, it’s time to pack your bags and experience something unforgettable.

Defines Paradise


The crystalline blue waters rolling quietly against isolated stretches of immaculate white sand – the Maldives offer a peaceful haven. The breeze rusting through the leaves is only hurdle in the postcard perfect location. While travel enthusiast can visit this place round the year, rain is common between the months of November and April.

Fabulous Underwater Life


Appealing blue waters are home to some of the most lively and vivacious sea life of the world. Most of the resort islands enjoys a personal reef that are well-located for snorkelling, although remote places to snorkel and dive are conveniently accessible by boat.

Fish Head and Banana Reef are the most popular and world-class diving destinations, while the White Wale submarine put forward an astonishing reef tour to visitors where they can see more than 1000 varieties of marine life.

Offers Unique Culture


Besides picturesque landscapes, the islands are also rich in a warm and exotic culture. Mainly  dominated by the populations of Sunni Muslims, the local culture is an eclectic mix of Sinhalese, Arab and South Indian influences.

The capital city of Maldives, Male’ is home to some of the nation’s most beautiful cultural attractions, including Presidential palace, The National Museum, Male’ Fish Market, the Grand Friday mosque and Sultan Park. Though Maldivians speak English mostly, official business is usually conducted in the native language of Dhivehi.

Culinary Pleasure


If you want to experience the authentic Maldivian experience, visit local restaurants. Though the Maldives offers a tempting variety of international cuisines, traditional eateries offer dishes largely based around fish that are spicy and are cooked in coconut. You can’t miss the Maldivian curry that tastes like a richer version of Singapore curry.

Sai (a type of tea), Raa (toddy tapped from palm trees) are the two must-have beverages here.

Secluded Luxury Vacation


Maldives’ economy is largely based on tourism. At the island travellers can enjoy ultra-luxurious accommodations. Resorts, yachts, private villas are all available for the tourists. These accommodations are well-versed with latest amenities, including spa centres, under-water sports and more. It may not offer most inexpensive accommodations, however the price is right for your high-end vacation.

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