8 Interesting Facts About Maldives

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Maldives is slowly growing to be one of the best ‘beach destination’ of the world as announced by . Its rich marine life, beautiful blue lagoons and long stretched white beaches make it one of the most favourite tourist spots among travelers all across the globe.

Before one travels to a foreign land, it’s always better to know some facts about the same. The internet is flooded with various facts about the Maldivian Nations.

To break the monotony of those facts, here are some of the extra information about Maldives that can help you in gaining a better understanding of the small coral reef island.

Smallest Muslim Nation In The World

muslim nation

Maldives is one of the smallest countries in the Asian subcontinent. It covers approximately 298 sq kms, becoming the smallest Muslim country of the World.

98% Literacy Rate

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Maldives has a high literacy rate. According to the reports of UNICEF, there has been a significant rise in the rate of literacy. As compared to past reports that recorded 70% literacy rate in 1978, Maldives recorded 98% literacy rate in 2013.

80% Covered By Water

According to the geographical area of the small island nation, only 20% of the nation is covered by land. The rest comprises of water. Probably that’s why Maldives is often considered a good destination for exploring marine life.

Underwater Cabinet Meeting

underwater meeting

Maldives is one of the nations to have introduced the concept of underwater cabinet meeting. In 2009, it became the first nation to conduct an underwater meeting. The President and the other ministers were geared in the scuba diving attire. They were attached to the desk that sunk to the bottom of the sea. It is there they conducted their presidential meeting.

Working Hours

work hours

In Maldives, weekends are administered on Friday and Saturday. Hence all government offices operate from 7 am to 2 30 pm during weekdays. While the private companies of Maldives work from 9 am to 5 pm on all weekdays. Many consider Saturday as a half day in the private sector.

Maldivian Flag Elements Hold Significance


The Maldivian Flag consists of elements such as green, the crescent moon and the red color. The green patch signifies the coconut trees that define the main trade of the nation. The crescent moon symbolizes Islam and the red background is to celebrate the sacrifice of all the heroes who have helped in defining the independence of the small island nation

No Alcohol Outside Resorts

alcohol no

It is forbidden on the land of Maldives to consume alcohol outside the premises of the resorts. Hence, those who wish to indulge in the consumption of alcohol can do so only when they are within the resort they are residing in.

Public Flogging For Adulterers


Maldives follows strict rules when it comes to adultery. The Maldivian government punished the culprit who has committed adultery with public flogging. The culprits are made to walk in the public street and be humiliated by the locals for practicing adultery.

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