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Maldives is slowly growing to become one of the renowned destinations of the World. The tourism of the small island nation is booming with visitors pouring onto the land of paradise as the year progresses.

2016 seems to be an extremely crucial year for the Tourism Ministry of Maldives. It collaborated with the Maldives Marketing and PR Corporations to launch a year-long campaign ‘Visit Maldives Year 2016’ to uplift the tourism of the paradisiacal land.

Apart from the extensive campaign, Maldives is also playing host to a plethora of events throughout the year to ensure that its streets keep bustling with crowd. Here is a list of some of the upcoming events of the Maldives that will definitely attract the attention of the visitor to the small yet mesmerising group of islands:

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International Surf Competition


Maldives will launch an ‘International Surf Competition’ to welcome the surfers from all across the world. This summer, it will provide a perfect platform to all the surfers to showcase their exquisite skills at tackling some of the most dangerous waves of the sea.

If you are a surfer, summer is the time for you to hit the shores of the Maldivian Beaches!

International Tourism Film Festival

film festival

Maldives will host a two day ‘International Tourism Film Festival’ to celebrate community-hood in the small island nation. It will organise an event that will bring the lovers of art under one roof and unite them in the name of community. The event will showcase films and short movies, cultural activities and folk dances to celebrate the varied culture of the World.

The festival commences on 10 July 2016. Book your tickets soon!

100 Islands In 30 Days


The Tourism Ministry of Maldives is inviting bloggers from all over the world to explore the Maldivian Nation in 100 days. It has given an open invitation to all the tourism bloggers to experience the paradisiacal land and its beauty in 30 days by visiting 100 small and big islands that together comprise the tourism of the nation.

It’s barter where the bloggers are invited to visit the land of beauty to experience the exotic and luxurious hospitable services of the islands in return of good publicity through the art of writing.

Avail the option before it runs out!

Maldives Whale Shark Festival

whale shark

Maldives is famous for its rich and exquisite marine life. The ‘Whale Shark Festival’ aims at promoting the tourism of the island by displaying some of the rarest species of marine life. Through this event, Maldivian Tourism aims at establishing itself as a culturally diverse nation, with a varied range of marine life.

It also aims at promoting sustainable tourism.

Dip into the sea and experience the marine life like never before!

World Travel Awards

travel awards

After winning the ’Oscar’ of travel awards for being the ‘best beach destination’ of the world in the year 2015, Maldives will now host the gala event of ‘World Travel Awards’. It will house the award ceremony at the fall of the year where in destinations from all around the globe will be awarded for their beauty and services.

If you wish to witness the Best Travel Award Ceremony, Maldives is waiting for you!

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